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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tropical/Country Singer Eric Stone

Eric Stone lives in St Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands and we first heard Eric play live way back in 2005 at the Miami boat show and then met for the second time at White Bay Jost Van Dyke outside of Seddy & Raquel's "One Love" beach bar and have been fast friends with Eric and his sweetie pie Kim since.

Here is an article from Pubclub.com about our good friend Eric Stone. It says everything we would say.

He doesn't want to be Jimmy Buffett, he just wants to be Eric Stone.

"Sailing life is what I choose
Imported rum is my kind of booze...

"Sailing life is made for me,
I raise my spinnaker and I'm free..."

Aloha shirt. Shorts. Sandals. Well-worn cap that looks as if it's been blown – or thrown – overboard a few times and retrieved.

How else should Eric Stone dress for a show?

Songs about saiboats, scuba diving, beer and lost women ("she stole my heart, my wallet, my car AND all the tequila is gone").

This is Eric Stone, a lifestyle singer/songwriter who could easily be confused with Jimmy Buffett. Except he isn't. In fact, "I don't want to be Jimmy Buffett," he sings in one of his signature songs. "I just want to be me."

But besides the sound and the "location" of his songs (mainly tropical-type subject matters) he has this in common with the most famous of lifestyle lyrics: He can find inspiration for a song just about anywhere.

Stone got one sitting on a boat dock when, prodded by a friend's friend, he used a jellyfish and a manatee that just happen to pass in front of them ("The Manatee and the Jellyfish").

He's also written about getting lost on a friend's dingy in a strange harbor, spending time on other people's sailboats ("Gary's Island" and "Legend of the Lost Soul"), Bamba's legendary Surfside Shack in the BVI and a fictional – we think – tale of falling in love with a Mexican waitress in Cozomel only to have her boyfriend break up the ensuing wedding while waving a gun.

There's a clever one that every single man has faced on more than one occasion: "What do you do with a Saturday night girl on a Sunday morning?"

And then there's "Scuba Joe" about a guy who spends his time "down below" doing another kind of diving.

"I get song ideas all the time," he said. "The lyrics usually come pretty easy. It's putting the music with it that can be a challenge. I used to write with my guitar, but the guitar will sometimes take you in the wrong direction. Now I just write it down."

He has a magnetic fix on his compass for beach bars and doesn't mind honkey tonks because "all I need is a little beer money." After all, everything is "permanently temporary" anyway.

Stone does a few Buffett covers – "The Coast of Marseilles" sounds just like The Man himself – sprinkled in with some Harry Belafonte and Bob Marley (more so in his shows than on his CDs).

He has nearly a dozen of those CDs – available on his web site, www.boatsongs.com – which are as happy to be spinning in a home stereo or car as they are on a sailboat.



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