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Thursday, July 29, 2010

BVI KiteJam 2010

This past February we got to see professionals from all over the world kite surf for one whole week in the pristine waters of British Virgin Islands, renowned for steady trade winds blowing 25 knots.
Necker Island and surrounding islands are pleased to host Kite Jam and the athletes. Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s tropical, private island. Richard Branson is a huge fan of kite surfing and had taken up the sport a few years back. Is there anything he can’t do? In fact, he has kite surfed from Necker to Anegada, which is a quad crushing 12 mile race over open seas.
6 of us boldly set out on Mustang Sally to party our buns off at each night of festivities, which started at Necker and was held at a different island (Prickly Pear, Mosquito, Anegada, Eustatia) every nite for the remainder of the week. Oh yeah, we were interested in watching the pros kite surf each day too!
The week proved to be a lot of fun even though the there was very little wind. Mid week the wind piped up for one day and we saw some spectacular kite surfing. The remainder of the time we managed to keep ourselves occupied with beach BBQ’s, great live music, and amazing talented athletes at every venue. I was impressed to meet Kristin Boese, 9 time world champion female kite surfer, along with many others champs.
It was also a real thrill meeting Richard Branson as well. Outside of being a billionaire entrepreneur he is really just a normal nice guy. Go figure.
We are very anxious to be a part of Kite Jam 2011 again this upcoming season. It’s an amazing spectator sport to watch from Mustang Sally as these pros whip past the cat doing flips in midair while we whistle, hoot and holler encouragement. Next year, I am sure there will be good winds. Can’t wait!


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