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Doug, Wendy and Mustang Sally cruise the Virgin Islands. Follow along on their adventures meeting funky local characters and visiting hot spots and hidden treasures with links to our favorites websites and additional interesting information.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Potter’s by the Sea – Anegada, BVI

Potter’s is one of many beach restaurants at Anegada’s Setting Point but it is Mustang Sally’s favourite.
Each week, after a good brisk sail to Anegada, we bring our guests to Potter’s for lobster dinner on the beach. What a great way to cap off a day (or start your night!) with your feet in the sand, a warm breeze caressing your face, the ocean waves gently breaking on the beach, tender lobster and melted butter (yum!), and a cold drink to sip on. Potter’s brightly coloured, cheerful building right on the water has a good dinghy dock and so easy access to the restaurant and bar and all island amenities. They are happy to arrange a taxi to one of the islands beautiful beaches for the afternoon or perhaps you just want to hang out at the bar and shoot the breeze and sip on ice cold beers. That sounds good too.
Pick out your lobster and watch “Sam with a capital S” grill your lobster to perfection. Sam “the man with a plan” has the biggest smile and will serenade you loudly (he is not shy!) with song while grilling and still making sure your lobster is tender and moist. If you don’t care for lobster they also serve steak, chicken, ribs and pasta.
Vishaal is our adorable good friend who fixes your drinks and likes to make sure everyone has a good time. He always plays “Mustang Sally” on the stereo every time we are there so we can dance. He is the man to take our groups food order over the VHF radio (by 4 p.m. please). Vishaal is also the food prep guy, sometime BBQ man when Sam is away, bartender (best Bushwhacker!), server and great story teller.
Potter’s manages to capture all of the romance and freedom of the Caribbean and it is definitely recommended by Mustang Sally as a “must see”.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tropical/Country Singer Eric Stone

Eric Stone lives in St Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands and we first heard Eric play live way back in 2005 at the Miami boat show and then met for the second time at White Bay Jost Van Dyke outside of Seddy & Raquel's "One Love" beach bar and have been fast friends with Eric and his sweetie pie Kim since.

Here is an article from Pubclub.com about our good friend Eric Stone. It says everything we would say.

He doesn't want to be Jimmy Buffett, he just wants to be Eric Stone.

"Sailing life is what I choose
Imported rum is my kind of booze...

"Sailing life is made for me,
I raise my spinnaker and I'm free..."

Aloha shirt. Shorts. Sandals. Well-worn cap that looks as if it's been blown – or thrown – overboard a few times and retrieved.

How else should Eric Stone dress for a show?

Songs about saiboats, scuba diving, beer and lost women ("she stole my heart, my wallet, my car AND all the tequila is gone").

This is Eric Stone, a lifestyle singer/songwriter who could easily be confused with Jimmy Buffett. Except he isn't. In fact, "I don't want to be Jimmy Buffett," he sings in one of his signature songs. "I just want to be me."

But besides the sound and the "location" of his songs (mainly tropical-type subject matters) he has this in common with the most famous of lifestyle lyrics: He can find inspiration for a song just about anywhere.

Stone got one sitting on a boat dock when, prodded by a friend's friend, he used a jellyfish and a manatee that just happen to pass in front of them ("The Manatee and the Jellyfish").

He's also written about getting lost on a friend's dingy in a strange harbor, spending time on other people's sailboats ("Gary's Island" and "Legend of the Lost Soul"), Bamba's legendary Surfside Shack in the BVI and a fictional – we think – tale of falling in love with a Mexican waitress in Cozomel only to have her boyfriend break up the ensuing wedding while waving a gun.

There's a clever one that every single man has faced on more than one occasion: "What do you do with a Saturday night girl on a Sunday morning?"

And then there's "Scuba Joe" about a guy who spends his time "down below" doing another kind of diving.

"I get song ideas all the time," he said. "The lyrics usually come pretty easy. It's putting the music with it that can be a challenge. I used to write with my guitar, but the guitar will sometimes take you in the wrong direction. Now I just write it down."

He has a magnetic fix on his compass for beach bars and doesn't mind honkey tonks because "all I need is a little beer money." After all, everything is "permanently temporary" anyway.

Stone does a few Buffett covers – "The Coast of Marseilles" sounds just like The Man himself – sprinkled in with some Harry Belafonte and Bob Marley (more so in his shows than on his CDs).

He has nearly a dozen of those CDs – available on his web site, www.boatsongs.com – which are as happy to be spinning in a home stereo or car as they are on a sailboat.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

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BVI KiteJam 2010

This past February we got to see professionals from all over the world kite surf for one whole week in the pristine waters of British Virgin Islands, renowned for steady trade winds blowing 25 knots.
Necker Island and surrounding islands are pleased to host Kite Jam and the athletes. Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s tropical, private island. Richard Branson is a huge fan of kite surfing and had taken up the sport a few years back. Is there anything he can’t do? In fact, he has kite surfed from Necker to Anegada, which is a quad crushing 12 mile race over open seas.
6 of us boldly set out on Mustang Sally to party our buns off at each night of festivities, which started at Necker and was held at a different island (Prickly Pear, Mosquito, Anegada, Eustatia) every nite for the remainder of the week. Oh yeah, we were interested in watching the pros kite surf each day too!
The week proved to be a lot of fun even though the there was very little wind. Mid week the wind piped up for one day and we saw some spectacular kite surfing. The remainder of the time we managed to keep ourselves occupied with beach BBQ’s, great live music, and amazing talented athletes at every venue. I was impressed to meet Kristin Boese, 9 time world champion female kite surfer, along with many others champs.
It was also a real thrill meeting Richard Branson as well. Outside of being a billionaire entrepreneur he is really just a normal nice guy. Go figure.
We are very anxious to be a part of Kite Jam 2011 again this upcoming season. It’s an amazing spectator sport to watch from Mustang Sally as these pros whip past the cat doing flips in midair while we whistle, hoot and holler encouragement. Next year, I am sure there will be good winds. Can’t wait!


Leverick Bay Resort & Marina

In Gorda Sound you will find Leverick Bay Resort and Marina. A collection of colourful buildings and rooftops line the bay full of mooring buoys giving off a happy, relaxed vibe. Everyone here is barefoot, smiling and wishing “good day”.
Leverick is a safe and fun haven for boaters. $25 to take a mooring buoy which also offers fresh water fill up and free bag of ice, gold to boaters. There is also plenty of dock space if you would rather. Above and beyond these services, there is a laundry facility, large, warm water showers, toilets and a spa. If you like to dive Dive BVI has a base here with a snorkel tour, and a beginner dive courses available among other things. There is a good gift shop and also Pussers Rum retail store where you can purchase your tin Pussers Rum mug for your Painkillers (Captain Doug’s are the best tho, ask our guests).
We love hitting Leverick any nite but Friday nites are our fave as they host a fabulous buffet and live bands that play calypso/reggae/soca etc. Also, on Friday nites, the Mocko Jumbies give a great show with their incredibly high stilts and bright costumes. Everyone gets up to dance with the Jumbies.
At Jumbie’s Beach Bar we have met many characters while sipping our dark and diets (more dark than diet I can assure you). Once the happy hour bell rings, a cheer goes up and everyone commences ordering from the friendly staff. There is a lot of storytelling (listen and determine if it is true)and camaraderie.
Other days when the buffet is not offered the restaurant is open. We were fortunate enough to be treated to a fantastic meal. The steak is the best both Doug and I have ever had, but I chose the full rack of lamb and it was truly divine. Big kudos to the great staff here.
There are a few other people that make this place so kewl and that’s Nick and Monika. Nick, the General Manager of the marina, is the really tall, big hearted, sentimental sweetie pie who runs around making sure you have everything you need (be sure to check out Nicks’ weather board by the Dockmasters office! What a laugh!). Monika, or Monzie to her friends, is Nick’s very petite, gracious wife who manages the villa rentals and keeps everyone toeing the line.
It’s a very kewl place and we feel right at home when we’re at Leverick. Check it out for yourself when sailing aboard Mustang Sally!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Good afternoon to the captain and crew of Mustang Sally! I msut comment after having recieved your email. The shotski looks to be a useful tool to ensure boredom on the high seas won't take hold. However, I have sailed on this fine ship and never once did I feel the party needed a kick-start to get going. From what I recall, which is not much it, started at the dock and never stopped. The shotski, I believe, will have a multitude of uses; it could be used to welcome your guest upon boarding, or as a morning kiss to shake off the festivities from the previous night, could also be used for the removal of swim wear, could be used not just to get things started but could be used to ensure things continue, or if over used, could insure things could end, could be used as a gesture of kindness or a peace offering.

Let me just say "Welcome to the Shotski!! and let the games begin!" Woo Hoo!

Chris Leader
very sastisfied past (and future) guest.

Monday, September 21, 2009


For those of you who have been here you know exactly what I am talking about. This bar is the best party bar I have ever been to. I don't know why exactly, perhaps a combination of things.

People are on holidays when they come here and so are ready to let their hair down (or tops/shorts, as they case maybe), maybe that's why. Or perhaps it is because the Willy-T (as it is affectionately known) is on Norman Island and so you can only get there by private boat (there is no ferry). Or maybe it is because of the great music pumping out of the speakers. You can't help but dance to it. Also, the bartenders are the best. Todd, Zeus, Simon, Al .... So charming, fun and extremely helpful when applying temporary tatoos in all manner of places, especially on pretty ladies. (Guys you put on your own tatoos!).

I know the food is outstanding, I have eaten there many times and have always been impressed. Lots of fresh fish, great french fries, and outstanding specials. Maybe that's why....hmmm ....what about the shotski? That has to be it....right? That old ski that has been modified to hold 4 shot glasses usually filled with some horridly strong concotion that you must shoot down your gullet. If you don't time it perfectly to "shoot" at the same time as the other 3 on the shotski with you, or, you are much shorter than your compatriots you will wear the drink instead of drinking it. (Another good reason to take your sticky t-shirt off and get a tatoo! I did!)

The last but certainly not the least important reason the Willy T is the best party bar I have ever been too.... me! Whenever we go a party seems to erupt. I wonder if it has to due with me enjoying all of the above to the max?
So, maybe next time you are there you will find the crew of Mustang Sally kickin' it up a notch... and don't worry what happens on the Willy-T stays on the Willy-T...... most of the time.

P.S. check out the photo album behind the bar.... see if you can spot me.

For the history and other info on the Willy T check out http://www.williamthornton.com/